Domenico Ghirlandaio 1449 – 1494

The Calling of Peter and Andrew

fresco (349 × 570 cm) — 1481-1482 Museum Sistine Chapel, Vatican City

This work is linked to Mark 1:16

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This fresco on the northern wall of the Sistine chapel shows two events. The calling of Peter and Andrew, the Jesus' first followers, is shown in two scenes. In the background on the left, Jesus calls them while they are setting out a net in the Sea of Galilee, as described in the Bible. The calling is repeated in the foreground, this time before a large audience.

In the background on the right, Peter and Andrew stand behind Jesus as he calls two other fishermen. They are the brothers James and John, who are fishing with their father.

The figures in the foreground on the right are important citizens of Florence: bankers, traders and scientists.

As he did in other works, Ghirlandaio applies his technical skills to the full. The lighter colors in the background suggest remoteness. The mountains on the left form a line drawing the spectator's eye to the first scene.

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