Michelangelo Buonarroti 1475 – 1564

Josiah, Jechoniah and Shealtiel

fresco (215 × 430 cm) — 1508-1512 Museum Sistine Chapel, Vatican City

Michelangelo Buonarroti biography

This work is linked to Matthew 1:11

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Josiah (Josias) became king of Judah in 649 BC, at the age of eight. Jeremiah considered him to be the last relevant king. He is also mentioned as one of Jesus' ancestors.

According to Matthew he was the father of Jechonias (Jec(h)oniah), the father of Shealtiel (Salathiel).

The man to the right is probably Josiah, with Jechonias on his lap. The woman to the left is the mother, holding another child of Josiah's. Shealtiel is depicted in the triangle above this lunette.

It is unknown why the woman looks so scared.

In the next lunette Michelangelo showed Zerubbabel, Shealtiel's son.

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