Pieter Aertsen 1507/08 – 1575

The Miraculous Healing of a Lame Man by Peter and John

oil on panel (56 × 76 cm) — 1575 Museum Hermitage, St. Petersburg

Pieter Aertsen biography

This work is linked to Acts 3:6

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This is one of Pieter Aertsen's last works, made in the year he died. It was transfered from panel to a canvas and is in a bad condition.

Aertsen placed the subject more or less in the background, just like he often did. A group of sick and disabled people have gathered outside the Beautiful Gate, one of the gates to the temple. They ask alms from the people that enter the temple.

Aertsen leaves the biblical story: he shows the healing of a child, while in the Acts the healing of lame man is described. Peter seems absent-minded and leaves most of the work to John.

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