Derick Baegert ca. 1440 – 1515

Mount Calvary

oil on panel (230 × 390 cm) — ca. 1475 Museum Propsteikirche, Dortmund

Derick Baegert biography

This work is linked to Mark 15:27

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Central panel of the Dortmund Altar. Dramatic scenes under the cross.

On the left a woman holds a cloth with an impression of Jesus' face. The man next to her is Baegert himself.

In the background to the right the descent from the cross and the entombment are shown.

The city in the background is not Jerusalem but Kleve, in Germany.

The left panel of the altarpiece shows an enthroned Mary with her son on her lap. They are surrounded by several other women and children. The right panel is an Adoration of the Magi.

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