Pieter Lastman ca. 1583 – 1633

The Crucifixion

oil on canvas (90 × 137 cm) — 1616 Museum Rembrandthuis, Amsterdam

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This work is linked to John 19:25

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Jesus and the two criminals have been nailed to their crosses, on the hill Golgotha just outside Jerusalem. Standing under Christ's cross are John the Evangelist and Mary, kneeling next to them is Mary Magdalene. To the right of the cross a third Mary faints. She is the wife of Cleophas and the mother of James the Less.

Further to the right a group of Roman soldiers throws dice. According to John 19 they cast lots to decide who would receive Jesus' woven coat. That would fulfill what was predicted in Psalms 22:18: "They part my garments among them, and cast lots upon my vesture."

Lastman signed this painting with "P. 1616" on the lower part of the cross. He painted it on a panel; the painting was later transferred to canvas.

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