mixed techniques on panel (58 × 45 cm) — c. 1415 Museum E.G. Bührle Collection, Zürich

This work is linked to Mark 15:27

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The origin of this panel is probably Franco-Flemish, perhaps from the region of Brugues. The blue angels and the lack of background may be Italian influences.

Most of the angels catch the blood that drips from the cross. Some of the blood comes from the wounds caused by the lances of the two soldiers. A legend tells that Jesus' blood cured one of the soldiers, the blind Longinus (in red).

That soldier is to Christ's right, the good side. To that side is also the criminal who converted just in time; an angel saves his soul. And the group of followers is also to Christ's right. Among them is John the Evangelist, supporting Mary.

To the right on the panel are a group of soldiers.

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