Peter Paul Rubens 1577 – 1640

Raising of the Cross (Toronto)

oil on paper (72 × 133 cm) — c. 1638 Museum Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto

Peter Paul Rubens biography

This work is linked to Matthew 27:35

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This is a grandiose composition depicting the crucifixion, made by Peter Paul Rubens.

In the central part Christ has been nailed to the cross, which is now being raised. To the left Christ's mother Mary looks on, clearly emotional. John the Evangelist tries to comfort her. In front of them is a group of lamenting women. To the right Roman soldiers supervise the execution.

In the background on the right, two criminals are also crucified. Their crosses will be put next to Jesus's.

The work was painted on paper and later transferred to canvas.

Rubens made several paintings with the raising of the cross, for example this panel in Antwerp.

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