Andrea Mantegna 1431 – 1506

The Crucifixion

oil on panel (67 × 93 cm) — 1457 - 1459 Museum Musée du Louvre, Paris

Andrea Mantegna biography

This work is linked to Luke 23:33

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This is one of three panels that form the predella of the altarpiece Mantegna made for the San Zeno. The original painting is in the Louvre. The predella in the San Zeno currently shows a copy.

The painting is an example of Mantegna's excellent control of perspective, which is applied in two ways: atmospheric and linear.

The atmosperic perspective is created by the dark-to-light gradient in the sky. To our eyes light colors seem to be further away than dark colors. At the horizon the light blue of the sky merges with the light green of the landscape.

Linear perspective is applied in several ways. The crosses of the murderers (to the left and right of Jesus) have been turned slightly inwards, thus creating diagonal lines that lead to a point in the distance. So does the ridge of the mountain to the right. Even the cracks in the floor contribute to the composition of the painting.

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