Andrea Mantegna 1431 – 1506

The Resurrection

tempera on panel (71 × 94 cm) — 1457-1459 Museum Musée des beaux-arts, Tours

Andrea Mantegna biography

This work is linked to Matthew 28:2

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This is the right panel of the socle of the altarpiece that Mantegna made for the San Zeno in Verona. Today Verona only has a replica; this original panel is in the French city of Tours. The left panel shows the Agony in the Garden.

The painting shows a radiant Christ stepping out of his grave, surrounded by angels. In his left hand he holds the flag of the crusaders. The tomb is situated in a cave. The soldiers who kept guard seem to woken by the turmoil.

Most gospels in the Bible do not tell this story but speak of the discovery of an empty grave.

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