Jacob van Oostsanen 1470 – 1533

Noli me tangere

oil on panel (55 × 39 cm) — 1507 Museum Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister, Kassel

Jacob van Oostsanen biography

This work is linked to John 20:17

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"Don't touch me, because I am not yet ascended to my Father", Christ says to Mary Magdalene. The second part of that sentence is displayed on the hem of Christ's robe, in Latin: "nondum enim ascendi ad patrem".

Mary wears a beautiful gown, designed in the fashion of Van Oostsanen's times. Next to her is her usual symbol, a jar with ointment. Christ leans on a spade: according to the story he appeared to Mary as a gardener.

In the background several other scenes from Christ's rising are shown. To the left women find his empty grave. Other scenes show him meeting the three Marys and the men walking to Emmaus.

Other common title of this painting: The Appearance to Mary Magdalene.

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