Cimabue ca. 1240 – 1302

Madonna in Maestà (London)

tempera on panel (26 × 21 cm) — c. 1280 Museum The National Gallery, London

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Tags: Madonna

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Also known as The Virgin and Child with Two Angels.

The panel shows Mary with her child on her knee, sitting on a throne. They are presented to the viewer by two winged angels.

Mary sits on a cloth such as used in churches at the Eucharist, when Christ's death is remembered with bread and wine. The cloth thus is a reference to the child's fate.

The panel was discovered in 2000 and soon after linked to a similarly small panel in New York that shows the Flagellation. The two were probably part of a larger work showing scenes from Christ's life and suffering. Another panel was discovered in 2019; it shows the Mocking of Christ.

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