Late Rembrandt - the biblical works

From 12 February 2015 to 17 May 2015 the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam will show an impressive collection of art made by the Dutch master Rembrandt (1606 - 1669). The Late Rembrandt exhibition focuses on the last twenty years of Rembrandt's life, when he had to deal with professional and personal hardship.

Some 40 paintings, 20 drawings and 30 prints will be on display. The museum calls it an "exhibition of a lifetime". The selection was made in collaboration with the National Gallery in London, where the exhibition ran last year.

The Bible was one of Rembrandt's main sources of inspiration and for subjects, as we've written here. More than thirty of the exhibited works have a biblical subject. We've listed them below.

More information on the exhibition: here.

Agony in the Garden. Drawing, ca. 1648-1655.

Agony in the Garden. Print, 1652.

The Young Jesus among the ScolarsThe young Jesus among the Doctors. Print, 1652.

The Three CrossesThe three crosses. Print, 1653.

Bathsheba with king David's letterBathsheba with king David's letter. Painting, 1654.

The circumcision in the stable. Print, 1654.

The Flight into Egypt, crossing a brook. Print, engraving, 1654.

Walking home to NazarethJesus returning home from the Temple with his Parents. Print, 1648-1655.

Virgin and Child with the Cat and the Snake. Print, 1654.

Christ at Emmaus: the larger plate. Print, 1654.

Adoration of the ShepherdsAdoration of the Shepherds, with the lamp. Print, ca. 1650-1654.

Presentation in the Temple. Print, ca. 1654.

The Entombment. Print, ca. 1654.

The Descent from the Cross by Torchlight. Print, ca. 1654.

Joseph and Potiphar's WifeJoseph and Potiphar's Wife. Painting, 1655.

The Sacrifice of Abraham. Print, 1655.

Ecce homo. Print, 1655.

The Raising of the Cross. Drawing, ca. 1655-1658.

Jacob blessing Joseph's SonsJacob blessing Joseph's Sons. Painting, 1656.

Abraham receives the Angels. Print, 1656.

The apostle BartholomewThe Apostle Bartholomew. Painting, ca. 1657-1659.

Adoration of the Shepherds by night. Print, ca. 1657.

Jesus preachingJesus preaching (la petite tombe). Print, ca. 1657.

The Entombment. After Polidoro, Drawing, 1657-1658.

Jael killing Sisera. Drawing, ca. 1657-1659.

Jesus and the Woman from Samaria. Print, 1657, 1658.

Jacob and the AngelJacob and the Angel. Painting, ca. 1659.

The Apostle PaulSelf portrait as Paul. Painting, 1661.

The Apostle BartholomewThe Apostle Bartholomew. Painting, 1661.

The Apostle SimonThe Apostle Simon. Painting, 1661.

Simeon in the Temple. Drawing, 1661.

Elsje ChristiaensElsje Christiaens. (not biblical, yet included on this site) Drawings, 1664.

Isaac and Rebecca spied upon by AbimelechIsaac and Rebecca spied upon by Abimelech. Drawing, ca. 1665.

The Jewish BrideThe Jewish Bride (Isaac and Rebecca). Painting, ca. 1665-1669.

Simeon's CanticleSimeon with the Infant Christ in the Temple. Painting, ca. 1669.