Master of the Munich Golden Legend ca. 1400 – 1460

The Animals Leave the Ark

illumination (263 × 184 mm) — c. 1415-1430 Museum British Library, London

Master of the Munich Golden Legend biography

This work is linked to Genesis 8:17

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Tags: Flood

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In the top right a hand gestures that it is safe to leave the ark. The animals disembark. On land Noah brings a sacrifice to God, who then decides to no longer curse the Earth.

Bodies can be seen floating in the water, cities have been submerged in the flood.

The lower half of this miniature shows how Noah settles as a wine grower. Bottom right he indulges in too much of his own wine.

This is page 16v from the Bedford Hours, a book of hours named after its first owner, John, duke of Bedford. It was probably largely made in Paris, in the workshop of the Bedford Master. But five pages with scenes from Genesis are attributed to another unknown master: the Master of the Munich Golden Legend.

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