Master of the Munich Golden Legend ca. 1400 – 1460

The building of Noah’s Ark

illumination (263 × 184 mm) — c. 1415-1430 Museum British Library, London

Master of the Munich Golden Legend biography

This work is linked to Genesis 6:14

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This ark looks more like a house than like a ship. It was probably inspired by a similar depiction in San Gimignano. It has multiple stories — three, as God told Noah in Genesis 6:16. The window close to the top, also required by God, is already there.

There is much activity going on. Noah himself gives instructions to a man on the roof.

In the background people and animals are on their way to the ark. Further away the water is already rising around a number of cities. From above God looks on, here shown with a grey beard.

This is folio 15v from the Bedford Book of Hours.

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