Jheronimus Bosch ca. 1450 – 1516

Hell and the Flood

oil on panel (69 × 36 cm and 69 × 39 cm) — ca. 1514 Museum Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam

Jheronimus Bosch biography

This work is linked to Genesis 8:4

Tags: Flood

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These are the inner sides of the wing panels of the Flood triptych (please also see the reverse sides).

On the right, Noah's ark has stranded on Mount Ararat. Noah and his family open the hatch, allowing the animals to leave the ship in pairs. In the foreground we see the drowned.

The left wing is considered to be a depiction of Hell. All figures are demons. In the background there is a burning city.

The central part of the triptych has been lost.

In 2015 the Bosch Research and Conservation Project attributed the panels to 'workshop of Jheronimus Bosch'. Yet the museum still attributes them to Bosch himself.

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