Govert Flinck 1615 – 1660

Isaac Blesses Jacob (Amsterdam)

oil on canvas (117 × 141 cm) — c. 1638 Museum Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Govert Flinck biography

This work is linked to Genesis 27:23

Tags: Jacob | Isaac

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The old and blind Isaac sits in his bed and blesses his son Jacob. Standing next to them is Isaac's wife Rebecca.

Tradition had it that it was Esau who was to be blessed, Jacob's older twin brother. But Rebecca favoured Jacob and wanted him to be blessed. She advised him to put goat skin on his hands, in order to make them feel as hairy as Esau's. The trick was successful, even though Isaac recognized Jacob's voice.

This work of Govert Flinck shows the influence of his teacher Rembrandt. Compared to a previous version, the colors in this painting are warmer and the composition is more intimate. Later in his career Flinck's style would become smoother.

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