Ferdinand Bol 1616 – 1680

Rebecca and Eliezer at the Well

oil on canvas (171 × 172 cm) — c. 1645
private collection

Ferdinand Bol biography

This work is linked to Genesis 24:18

Tags: Isaac

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Abraham had sent his servant Eliezer out to find a wife for his son Isaac. At a well Eliezer meets the beautiful virgin Rebecca (Rebekah). He tests her by asking for some water. She convinces him of her goodness by not only giving water to him but also to his camels.

Rebecca was a granddaughter of Nahor, who was a brother of Abraham. Nahor's houses are visible in the background to the left.

The Dutch master Ferdinand Bol made the light fall on Rebecca, thus drawing the viewer's attention to her and not to Eliezer, irrespective of his prominent position in the foreground. Rebecca's maid adds symmetry to the composition by looking in the opposite direction.

This painting by Bol is in the Leiden Collection.

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