Arent de Gelder 1645 – 1727

Judah and Tamar (1681)

oil on canvas (102 × 147 cm) — 1681
private collection

Arent de Gelder biography

This work is linked to Genesis 38:16

Tags: Jacob

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This is a more refined depiction of the story of Tamar and Judah. De Gelder previously told the story in his 1667 painting.

Here too Judah takes Tamar by the chin. She raises her hand, telling him that she requires payment. Tamar's veil, which according to the text shows she is a prostitute, is much thinner in this painting, and Tamar is showing her face. Perhaps De Gelder suggests that Judah was so much overwhelmed with lust that he does not recognize his daughter in law.

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