Raphael 1483 – 1520

Jacob and Laban's Daughters

drawing with pen and brush (24 × 21 cm) — ca. 1517 Museum Albertina, Vienna

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This work is linked to Genesis 29:9

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According to the text in Genesis Rachel was alone when she met her cousin Jacob at the well. Raphael however shows her in the company of her older sister, Leah. Jacob fell in love with Rachel, but her father Laban wanted Jacob to marry Leah.

Leah may be the woman to the left, who seems to be more self-assured. Rachel would then be the shy one to the right.

The drawing is a study for one of the frescoes that Raphael and his team made for a corridor in the Vatican palace, now known as the Vatican loggias or Logge di Raffaello.

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