The Healing of the Lame of Capernaum

illumination (24 × 17 cm) — 1386 Museum J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

This work is linked to Mark 2:4

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This folio shows two of Jesus' miracles: the healing of the paralytic, and the raising of Lazarus. It was made by an anonymous Armenian artist, and is from the same manuscript as this work.

Because of the large crowd it was not possible to have the lame man enter through the door. His helpers then made a hole in the roof and lowered him into the room.

Impressed by this display of faith, Jesus forgives the man his sins. The scribes in the room protest: who does he think he is to forgive sins? Jesus then shows them that forgiving or healing is all the same to him. He says to the crippled man: "Arise". The man rises and leaves the room walking.

This page previously was about a similar Armenian illumination, also made in the 14th century. It was probably made by the artist Youhannes from the Berkri region, present-day eastern Turkey.

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