Six Miracles

illumination (23 × 16 cm) — 14th century Museum British Library, London

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This is folio 165r from a copy of Matfre Ermengau's Breviari d'Amor. Ermengau was a Franciscan monk and troubadour from Béziers. He spent four years working on this poetic book, from 1288 until 1292. The book was meant to show that the world is an emanation of love. Ermengau saw the lyrical texts of troubadours as an example of the love for God.

The codex is written in the Occitan language of southern France. Twelve copies are known to have existed. This particular copy is known as Royal MS 19 C I. The manuscript had many illustrations, made by an unknown artist.

First row, left: "Jhezucrist monda les lebros", the washing of the leper.
First row, right: "Jhezucrist al mut ren le parlar", Christ makes the mute speak.
Second row, left: "Jhezucrist sana le lunatic", healing of the lunatic.
Second row, right: "Jhezucrist sana les rancs despoderats", healing of the unclean.
Third row, left: "Jhezucrist sana le paralitic", healing of the lame.
Third row, right: "Jesus sana les mancs", healing of the cripple.

On the reverse of the page are five more miracles.

(This page previously showed a page from a copy of the book in the Escorial.)

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