Giovanni Battista Tiepolo 1696 – 1770

The Sacrifice of Melchizedek

oil on canvas (1000 × 525 cm) — 1740-42 Museum Basilica San Lorenzo, Verolanuova

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo biography

This work is linked to Genesis 14:18

Large canvass by Tiepolo in the Parish Church of Verolanuova. Ref. The Gathering of Manna

Melchizedek was king of Jerusalem. Abraham, then called Abram, had safely transferred the family and possessions of his cousin Lot to Sodom, from which they had been driven by one of the many regional kings. Out of admiration and respect Melchizedek brings Abraham bread and wine. In addition Abraham and his descendants will henceforth dispose of tithes to maintain the sanctuary in the city.

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