Govert Flinck 1615 – 1660

The Dismissal of Hagar

oil on canvas (111 × 139 cm) — c. 1640-1645 Museum Gemäldegalerie der Staatlichen Museen, Berlin

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This work is linked to Genesis 21:14

Tags: Abraham

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Little Ishmael cries as Abraham sends him and his mother Hagar into the desert, with nothing but a bottle of water and some bread.

Hagar was a slave of Sarah, Abraham's wife. As Sarah seemed unable to have children, Abraham used Hagar to produce offspring: Ishmael. Years later however, Sarah gave birth to Isaac. She then insisted that Hagar and her child be dismissed.

In the desert they were saved by divine intervention: an angel showed them a water well.

In this painting Govert Flinck still applied the warm style he had acquired as a student of Rembrandt's. It came into the collection of Frederick William II of Prussia around 1764 and has since been part of the Prussian collection of old masters.

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