Peter Paul Rubens 1577 – 1640

Hagar Leaves the House of Abraham

oil on panel (63 × 76 cm) — c. 1615-1617 Museum Hermitage, St. Petersburg

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This work is linked to Genesis 16:6

Tags: Abraham

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Abraham and Sarah could not get children of their own. Sarah suggested that he would sleep with Hagar, their Egyptian maid. Thus Hagar became pregnant. Now Sarah thought she saw contempt in Hagar's eyes. With Abraham's consent she made hagar leave the house.

Rubens shows an aggrieved but also proud Hagar. To the left is angry Sarah, with one hand on her hip. Abraham stands in the doorway and watches.

In a letter Rubens called the panel "una galatanteria", a galant work on a subject worldy nor spiritual.

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