Giovanni Battista Tiepolo 1696 – 1770

The Gathering of Manna

oil on canvas (1000 × 525 cm) — 1740-42 Museum Basilica San Lorenzo, Verolanuova

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo biography

This work is linked to Exodus 16:15

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Tags: Moses

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This enormous painting by Tiepolo may be seen in the Parish Church of Verolanuova. Ref. The Sacrifice of Melchizedek. A museum in Buenos Aires has the sketches that Tiepolo made before he started on these huge canvasses.

A month and a half after leaving Egypt, the Israelites start to complain to Moses about their empty stomachs. Moses refers them on to God. God had heard their complaints and told Moses that his people should eat meat at night and bread would be provided in the morning.

The next day when the people wake up and the dew has disappeared, the desert is covered with small round things they call manna. Moses tells them it is the promised bread.

During the rest of their journey in the desert, 40 years, the Israelites eat manna twice a day. On the day of the Sabbath there is enough for 2 days, because on the Sabbath no food may be gathered.

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