Sir Edward Burne-Jones 1833 – 1893


stained glass window — 1872 Museum St Michael and All Angels, Waterford, Hertfordshire

This work is linked to Exodus 15:20

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Miriam was Moses' and Aaron's sister. Together they lead their people to the promised land. After the passage throught the Reed Sea, Miriam sang a song of victory. According to Exodus she used a timbrel (tambourine), but Burne-Jones shows her with cymbals.

When she addressed her brother Moses about his marriage to an Ethiopian woman, God struck her with tzaraath (a disease commonly translated as leprosy).

This is a window in St. Michael and All Angels Church, Waterford, Hertfordshire, England. The church was built in 1871. The window was designed by Burne-Jones and executed by Morris Marshall Faulkner and Co.

The Latin text "Maria soror Aaron" means "Miriam, sister of Aaron".

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