Il Tintoretto 1518 – 1594

The Annunciation

oil on canvas (440 × 542 cm) — c. 1563 Museum Scuola di San Rocco, Venice

Il Tintoretto biography

This work is linked to Luke 1:28

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Out in the yard Joseph is at work. Inside the house, Mary is visited by an entire fleet of angels. Somewhat surprised, she tries to think of what to do (ref. Luke 1:29). She has a book in her lap.

Tintoretto has the viewer view the house from an elevated position. Many aspects of the room are shown in detail, including the old chair in the corner, which indicates the family's poverty.

The canvas is in a room with seven other paintings by Jacopo Tintoretto, all on the life of Mary and on Jesus' childhood (ref. this Massacre of the Innocents).

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