Robert Campin ca. 1380 – 1444

Merode altarpiece - Annunciation

oil on panel (64 × 63 cm) — 1425-1430 Museum Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

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This work is linked to Luke 1:28

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Central panel of Campin's Mérode triptych. It shows Mary reading. She hasn't noticed the angel yet, who is about to tell her of what is to happen.

There is much symbolism in this panel. The flame of the candle on the table has just been extinguished. The flame is a symbol of God. A new shape of God is already on its way: on the sunrays beaming through the left window a tiny Jesus enters the world.

The lilies on the table represent Mary's virginity. The folds of her robe form a star: Marys as a star of stars. The two books probably represent the old and new testaments.

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