Ludolf Backhuysen 1630 – 1708

Paul's Shipwreck

oil on canvas (151 × 204 cm) — ca. 1690 Museum Ostfriesisches Landesmuseum, Emden

Ludolf Backhuysen biography

This work is linked to Acts 27:41

Tags: Paul

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In AD 60 Paul is on his way to Rome when his ship perishes before Malta. The apostle is forced to stay on the island for three months. Tradition has it that he performs several miracles there and founds a Christian community. There is no proof for any of this, however.

Ludolf Backhuysen is known for his seascapes, specializing in sea battles and harbor views. We know of only four religious works by him – this being one of them. It is in the collection of a museum in the city of Emden, where he was born.

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