Rogier van der Weyden 1399/1400 – 1464

The Lamentation of Christ

oil on panel (81 × 130 cm) — c. 1460-1464 Museum Mauritshuis, The Hague

Rogier van der Weyden biography

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Christ's body has been taken down from the cross. Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea wrap it in a cloth. The apostle John supports the praying Mary, who is dressed in a notable blue dress. To the left is Mary Magdalene, identified by the jar with ointment.

Standing to the right are Peter, with the key to the Kingdom of Heaven, and Paul, carrying the sword he used when he was still a persecutor of Christians.

The kneeling bishop is most likely the man who commissioned the painting. His identity is unknown.

The city in the background looks more like a Flemish town than like Jerusalem.

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