Hans Holbein the Younger 1497/8 – 1543

The punishment of Adonibezek

woodcarving (60 × 85 mm) — 1538 Museum Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Hans Holbein the Younger biography

This work is linked to Judges 1:6

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Adonibezek (or Adoni-bezek) was a Canaanite, king of Bezek. Judah and his people beat him and his army. They then cut of his thumbs and toes.

Judah and his brother Simeon battled with the Canaanites because God had told them to.

The print is one of about 90 Holbein made on the Old Testament. They were first published in 1538 in the Biblia Utriusque Testamenti iuxta Vulgatam Translationem. Holbein made the sketches, Veit Rudolf Specklin cut the wood.

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