Six Apostles

panel (93 × 101 cm) — c. 1410 Museum Musée d'Art et d'Archéologie, Laon

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This panel was most likely the right panel of a triptych. The left panel would have shown the other six apostles. The center panel may have depicted a scene with Jesus.

It was found in the 19th century as the back panel of a cupboard. The city of Laon, in the north of France, then bought it. It originates from Laon as well: it was made for the Laon cathedral and ordered by Pierre de Wisant, a canon. He is shown on the other side of the panel.


The apostle to the left lost most of his paint. Because of his central position in the triptych, he may have been John or Peter. Next to him, holding a club, is James the Lesser. In green, with the big knife: Bartholomew. The one with the axe is Matthew. Next to him is James the Greater, with his traditional attribute the scallop on his pilgrim's pouch. To the right is probably Matthias.

Two of them read lines from the Apostle's Creed: "Credo in...", "I believe in...".

Below them are four prophets, holding banners with text. To the right is a winged bull, St. Luke's symbol. The other three evangelists were probably shown with their symbols on the other panels.

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