Jan Cornelisz Vermeyen 1500 – 1559

The Raising of Lazarus

oil on panel (150 × 230 cm) — 1547-1549 Museum Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Brussels

Jan Cornelisz Vermeyen biography

This work is linked to John 11:43

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The Micault Triptych, named after Jan Micault who commissioned it. The central panel shows the risen Lazarus, gazing at Jesus. His sisters Martha and Mary remove his shroud.

The outer panels depict the donors. On the left are Jan Micault and his three sons. On the right is his wife Livina Cats van Welle and their four daughters. Micault was the supreme tax collector at the court of Charles V in Brussels.

In the background is a series of landscapes and buildings. The Bay of Tunis; the arena and aquaduct of Carthago; a Tunisian mosque; a temple and an obelisk; the Segovia aquaduct; a primitive basilica; a tomb and a sarcophagus.

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