Gerard Seghers 1591 – 1651

Christ and the Penitent Sinners

oil on canvas (207 × 253 cm ) — 2nd quarter 17th century Museum Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Gerard Seghers biography

This work is linked to Acts 3:19

Tags: Jesus

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Christ is seated on his throne. The wounds of the crucifixion are visible in his hands and feet. To his right is Peter, identified by the key.

The woman is Mary Magdalene. The man on the left with the cross may be one of the criminals who were crucified together with Jesus. It is not clear who the old king and the other men are.

Come to me and everything will be alright, the message seems to be. Christianity teaches that conversion and penitence lead to salvation. That is probably why Christ is depicted as saviour of the world, or Salvator Mundi.

This is an undated work. The Rubensian style suggests that Seghers made it after 1627, the year he abandoned caravaggism.

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