James Tissot 1836 – 1902

The Plague of Locusts

gouache (20 × 24 cm) — c. 1898 Museum Jewish Museum, New York

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This work is linked to Exodus 10:13

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The Egyptian pharaoh refuses to let Moses and his people go. God then has Moses punish the pharaoh by visiting the Egyptians with a series of plagues, of which this is one example.

Moses (with stick) and his brother Aaron call on the winds to blow the locusts in their direction. Earlier, Egypt had been visited by hail. Now the locusts arrive, destroying the crops and finishing what is left of the fruit.

This watercolor is not one of Tissot's strongest works dramatically. The two figures, detailed though they are, have no expression on their face.

The buildings do show Tissot's interest in Middle Eastern architecture.

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