James Tissot

1836 - 1902

portrait of James Tissot French painter and graphic artist, born in Nantes as Joseph-Jacques Tissot. After a period of portraying historical costumes he dedicates himself to depicting everyday life in 1864. For his portraits he develops a taste for sophisticated women and in particular their clothes.

In 1871 Tissot leaves for London where he pursues his career to great success. After the death of his mistress in 1882 he returns to France. After a vision in the Paris church of Saint-Sulpice he dedicates himself to religious tableaux, for which he undertakes two journeys to the Promised Land (in 1886-87 and in 1889).

Both his costume pieces and his religious work are popular, although critics at the time deem the oriental atmosphere of his religious work too little evangelical.

work by James Tissot