Hans Memling ca. 1433 – 1494

The Last Judgement

oil on panel (306 × 222 cm) — 1467-71 Museum Muzeum Narodowe, Gdansk

Hans Memling biography

This work is linked to Revelation 20:4

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Memling's depiction of the Last Judgment, a popular medieval subject.

The dead arise from their graves. Archangel Michael weighs them with his scales. Some end up in Hell (on the right), others are welcomed to heaven by St. Peter. Jesus descends from heaven to administer justice.

Angelo Tani, an Italian trader living in Bruges, commissioned the triptych. He then had it shipped home to Italy, but a warship of the Hanseatic League captured the ship. At the time, the Hanze were hindering all traffic to England due to a trade conflict. As a result, Memling's triptych ended up in Danzig, present day Gdansk.

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