Juan de Juanes 1523 – 1579

The Last Supper

oil on panel (116 × 191 cm) — ca. 1560 Museum Museo del Prado, Madrid

This work is linked to John 13:21

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A harmonious painting by the Spanish painter Juan de Juanes. Strangely enough the faces of most disciples seem to radiate mostly adoration – and this while they have just heard that their master is about to be betrayed.

In the front right, the traitor Judas, for better recognition he has been equipped with a money pouch. He is dressed in yellow, the color of envy. He is also the only figure without halo.

In the foreground a bowl for washing feet before supper.

The panel was made for the altar of the church of San Esteban in Valencia, together with a series of paintings on the life of Saint Stephen. It was sided by panels showing The agony in the garden and The Crowning with Thorns.

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