Hans Holbein the Younger 1497/8 – 1543

The Last Supper

oil on panel (115 × 97 cm) — c. 1527 Museum Kunstmuseum, Öffentliche Kunstsammlung, Basel

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This work is linked to Mark 14:18

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Three disciples are missing from Holbein's painting. They may have been lost when the work was damaged during the Reformation's Iconoclasm in Basel, in 1529. At the same occasion, Jesus' head was sawed from the altar piece (to be put back later).

The painting was probably made by an artist working in Holbein's workshop (at the time, Holbein himself was in England). The painter chose approximately the same grouping as Leonardo da Vinci (his version), but used a smaller table and different facial expressions. A common aspect of both paintings is Peter whispering in John's ear.

Panel made of lime tree wood.

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