Jean Fouquet ca. 1420 – 1477/81

The Appearance of the Holy Spirit

illumination (19 × 15 cm) — 1452-60 Museum Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Jean Fouquet biography

This work is linked to Matthew 12:28

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A golden right hand appears in the sky, radiating light. Devils and demons flee from it. That seems to be a reference to Matthew 12:28, where Jesus casts out devils through the Holy Spirit.

The light also shines on a group of believers. That could be a reference to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit; the believers would then be the apostles.

Fouquet set the scene in medieval Paris. Notre Dame is easy to spot. The bridge is a predecessor of the current Pont Saint-Michel. The image is one of the oldest accurate depictions of the city that still exist.

Alternative title: The Right Hand of God Protecting the Faithful against the Demons.

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