Emmaus: Road and Supper

stained glass window (78 × 138 cm) — c. 1600-1625 Museum St. Étienne du Mont, Paris

This work is linked to Luke 24:15

Tags: Emmaus

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Lower half of a stained glass window. The other half shows the Multiplication of the Loaves. That story is clearly related to the story of this half of the window: when Jesus breaks the bread, the wanderers immediately recognize him from the previous episode.

Below the window is a text that rhymes in French:

Il est vray devant ce Repas
Jésus ne se découvrant pas
Nous n'en eusmes point cognoissance
Mais si tost qu'il eut de sa main
Bénie changé rompu le pain
Nous recognusmes sa présence.

Roughly translated:

It is true that before this meal
Jesus did not uncover himself
We had no idea
But when with his hand
Blesses he broke the bread
We recognized his presence.

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