Van Limburg brothers 1375 – 1416

David Flees from Absalom

illuminated manuscript (24 × 17 cm) — 1408-1409 Museum Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Van Limburg brothers biography

This work is linked to 2 Samuel 16:13

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King David had a difficult relationship with his third son Absalom. After having killed his half-brother crown prince Amnon, Absalom fled Jerusalem, fearing David's revenge. After a couple of years David forgave him.

After his return to the capital, Absalom revolted against his father, forcing the king to leave town. Later on David would return and defeat Absalom in a battle that the latter would not survive.

The story returns in Psalms 3.

This is folio 72r from Les Belles Heures du Duc de Berry, illuminated by the Van Limburg brothers.

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