News about this site

September 2017: now using secure connections, over https.

March 2015: improved usability on devices with small screens.

January 2011: set up a page listing all available access modes for Art of the Day.

July 2010: launched our iPhone app. Get ArtBible on your mobile device.

December 2009: made a map with of all the museums on this site. It provides a nice view of the spreading of art around the world. (Actually most of it is in Europe, some in the USA.) Click a pin to get a list of featured art in a particular museum.

March 2009: we joined the masses and opened a Twitter account: It will be used to post the art of the day, and for news on site updates. The nice thing about Twitter of course is that you can actually tweet back!

February 2008: out of curiousity we've added a button to "rate this image", next to each art image. A top-10 will be published as soon as enough votes have been cast - which may take a while.

October 2007: created a Mac OS X widget showing the biblical art of the day, similar to the iGoogle gadget. Both are by the way based on the RSS feed (Atom version) with a fresh image every day.

October 2006: created a Google Gadget: a module that anyone can put on their website or on their Google homepage. It shows a fresh image everyday, with a biblical subject.

7 June 2006: upgraded search. By integrating the formerly separated bible and art search pages, searching the site is now easier than ever.

7 February 2006: added RSS feed. The easiest way to be informed about minor and major updates and additions to this site. More informative than this page :). Please point your favorite feed reader or aggregator to this link.

27 September 2005: launch. The site now contains 400 works of art, the complete Bible, and the concordance to the Bible.