Lucas van Leyden 1494 – 1533

Lot and his Daughters (print)

engraving (19 × 25 cm) — 1530 Museum Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Lucas van Leyden biography

This work is linked to Genesis 19:32

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Lot and his daughters flee the burning city of Sodom (background). Now that their mother has been turned into a pillar of salt, the daughters consider it their duty to ensure that Lot has male descendants. Here they are seen feeding their father so much drink that he does not realize he is being seduced by his own daughters.

The result of this encounter are two sons, Ben-Ammi and Moab, future ancestors of the Ammonites and the Moabites, nations that will severely pester the Israelites in years to come.

This is one of a minimum of two engravings that Lucas van Leyden made on the subject.

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