Peter Paul Rubens 1577 – 1640

Doubting Thomas

oil on panel (146 × 233 cm) — 1613-1615 Museum Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerp

Peter Paul Rubens biography

This work is linked to John 20:27

Thomas cannot believe that the man in front of him is really his master, risen from the dead, and demands proof – he insists on seeing the wounds from the crucifixion. Jesus shows him his hand, which has a clearly visible wound on it.

What is so striking about this painting is the absence of the wound in the side of Jesus, inflicted by the spear of a Roman soldier. On the side panels of the triptych we see the image of the commissioner of the painting - patrician of Antwerp, mayor and humanist Nicolaas Rockox - and his wife. The painting was intended for their vault.

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