Jean Malouel

1370 - 1415

Dutch-French painter, probably born in Nijmegen around 1370. In Dutch his name is Jan Maelwael.

He was trained in his father's workshop. He spent a few years working for the court of the duke of Guelders. Around 1395 he moved to France. After he while he was appointed to the court of the Burgundian dukes Philip the Bold and Philip's son John the Fearless. He succeeded Jean de Beaumetz in that position.

At the court in Dijon Jean produced numerous works of art. He also decorated more everyday objects such as pennants and banners. He introduced his nephews to the court: the Van Limburg brothers, three sons of his sister's. Malouel also worked on the Carthusian monastery of Champmol, which was to be duke Philip's dynastic burial place.

He returned to Nijmegen a number of times. In 1405 he travelled home to marry Heilwig van Redinchaven, a member of a distinguished family.

work by Jean Malouel