Saint John Altarpiece Memling

Large triptych by Hans Memling, dated 1474-1479. It's full name is "altar of Saint John the Baptist and Saint John the Evangelist". It served as an altarpiece in St John's Hospital in Bruges, where it still is today.

St Johns altarpiece, opened

The left panel shows the death of John the Baptist. On the right panel is John the Evangelist, shown on the island of Pathmos. The center panel shows Mary with the infant Jesus, surrounded by the two Johns and saints Catherine of Alexandria and Barbara.

The panels are closely related by the multiple occurences of the Johns, and by the continuous horizon in the background.

The triptych was sponsored by four pious citizens of Bruges, who are shown on the back of the wings.

St Johns altarpiece, closed

From left to right: Jacob de Ceuninc (a monk at the hospital), Antheunis Seghers (a governor of the hospital), Agnes Casembrood (hospital prioress) and Clara van Hulsen, a nurse.

Behind them are the saints they were named after: St James the Great, St Anthony the Abbot, St Agnes and St Clare.

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