Expectant Mary, and Joseph

tempera on panel (70 × 35 cm) — c. 1425-1450 Museum National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

This work is linked to Matthew 1:19

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Joseph frowns as he sees the pregnant Mary. "I didn't do that..." He considers to reproach her. Soon after an angel will tell him that the Holy Spirit is the father of the child.

In the top of the panel, two angels hold a crown over Mary's head.

In Matthew 1, Joseph's doubts is mentioned briefly. The apocryphal Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew elaborates on Mary's pregnancy, including details such as the names of the midwives. Perhaps the unknown author of this panel read it and based the two girls to the right on it.

The panel was probably made in Paris. At the time, Paris was the center of Western European art.

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