Lazarus and the Rich Man

illumination (31 × 22 cm) — c. 1035-1040 Museum Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nuremberg

This work is linked to Luke 16:19

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Tags: Parable

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This is folio 78r of the Codex Aureus Epternacensis (the Manuscript of the Golden Gospels). An anonymus master made the drawing on parchment.

The top frame shows a rich man enjoying a luxurious banquet. A poor man named Lazarus patiently hopes for a few crumbs - which he will not get.

The other frames show what happened when the men die. Lazarus is taken to heaven, to Abraham's bosom. The rich man is not so lucky: he will have to burn forever.

The story is a parable from the gospel of Luke. The common explanation is that Lazarus was rewarded for his humble acceptance of his poverty. The rich man was punished for neglecting opportunities to do well.

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