Pieter Lastman ca. 1583 – 1633

Balaam and the Ass

oil on canvas (40 × 60 cm) — 1622 Museum Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Pieter Lastman biography

This work is linked to Numbers 22:27

Tags: Balaam

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A not so very spectacular work by Lastman. He was one of the first to depict this subject. The posture of the animal can also be found in Rembrandt's version of this scene. Rembrandt was a student of Lastman's.

The prophet Balaam was ordered to curse Israel. On his way, Balaam's ass sees the road blocked by an angel and refuses to walk any further. Balaam hits the ass, who responds by speaking to him. Balaam then refuses to curse Israel, as he now sees the God of Israel as super

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